Pest Control in Warehouse & Storage

The storage and distribution business is all about economy – and  when working in this industry, you simply just cannot afford to risk the disruption that a pest problem can cause. With the high volume of goods constantly moving in and out of your business, it’s only natural that you would need a professional pest control company for premier pest security. Commercial storage warehouses present distinctive challenges for pest control programs. There are many types of insects, animals and birds that can infest your warehouse. Aerex understands how important it is that our commercial pest control clients that their storage READ MORE »

The Fruit Fly

Have you ever found your kitchen festering with fruit flies that seemed to appear out of nowhere? Contrary to the popular belief, this is not a matter of spontaneous generation. Fruit flies can quickly multiply in number, and be hard to get rid of once they’re around. So, where did these fruit flies come from? Fruit flies are designed to find fermenting fruit. They can detect the smell of ripe fruits and vegetables from a good distance away, despite their tiny size. Beware of bowls of fruit or exposed vegetables in your kitchen, as there are probably a few fruit READ MORE »

Pest Control in the Retail Industry

What would you do if you walked into a clothing store and saw a mouse or a rat emerge from under a rack? What about if you were shopping for new carpet and you noticed an infestation of flies on the wall? These scenarios can be quite alarming for customers or clients, and can cause even more of a scare for retail owners and employees. Just like any other operation, providing a clean and safe environment is of utmost importance in the retail industry, and retail owners and managers work hard to maintain those standards.  Safety isn’t the only thing READ MORE »

All About Blow Flies

Think you might have blow flies taking over your home? If the flies in your home are a shiny green, blue, bronze or black – you just might. These shiny, metallic colored flies are often confused with the common house fly and appear suddenly in large numbers. They can be found congregating around doors and windows, producing an intense buzzing sound. If you are having a problem with Blow Flies around your home, there are some simple and obvious causes. Blow Flies, also known as Bottle Flies, choose to lay their eggs in decomposing matter, such as garbage, animal feces, READ MORE »

Restaurant Pest Control

When you’re a restaurant owner or work in the food business, you want nothing more than for your customers to love you products as much as you do. You love your work, and you put a lot of effort into keeping your establishment healthy, safe and clean. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, take-out or eat in establishment, your most valuable asset is your reputation. Customers base this principally on food and service, but your customers also expect the highest level of cleanliness. Mice, rats, flies and cockroaches are the most common food-related pests, and pose a particularly high threat READ MORE »

Pests in the Food Processing World

If there is one place pests are always unwanted, it’s where food is being prepared. If you work within the food processing industry or are familiar with its standards and regulations, you know that the production and packaging of food is a highly competitive industry. Not only does it demand a high caliber of quality and hygiene standards, but in this environment, even minor pest activity is completely and 100% unacceptable. Moreover, food and beverage managers have a lot on the line when they consider pest control. With that said, what better way to make sure pests are out of READ MORE »

Rats! We Have a Rat Problem

You know how Hollywood portrays mice as these scary creatures that cause people to scream and jump on top of furniture? Well, rats produce a similar reaction, but they are even bigger, harrier, and longer tailed rodents. The species of rat found around the Chicago and Wisconsin areas is the Norway Rat, although they originated in Asia centuries ago. They prefer fresh food, but will eat virtually anything – pet food, dog feces, garbage, plants – you name it. When food is particularly scarce, a rat may even eat the weakest of the pack or its young. If rats are READ MORE »

Carpenter Bees

From carpenter bees, bumblebees and honeybees, these flying insects are one of the most feared winged creatures out there. In particular, carpenter bees can do a number on your residential property. While they are generally harmless to humans, carpenter bees but can be a real nuisance when they are found in and around your home, especially when it comes to structural wood elements. With over 500 species, carpenter bees get their name from the fact that nearly all species built their nests in burrows of dead wood, bamboo or timbers. Ranging from 3/4 to 1 inch in length, carpenter bees READ MORE »

Bumble Bee Facts!

When it comes to bees, many people don’t know that there are actually several different types. There’s the honey bee, the carpenter bee, and of course, the infamous bumble bee. If you are noticing an increase of bees at your home or office, it’s important to know how to distinguish which type is causing a problem. Luckily, Aerex knows all about flying insects. Similar in appearance to carpenter bees, bumble bees nest underground in cavities such as mouse burrows. Just like honey bees and carpenter bees, bumble bees are seldom problematic, unless their habitat is directly threatened by humans or READ MORE »

Mouse facts!

It seems like everyday we’re getting calls about mice; it’s that season after all!  Here are a few facts you may not know about mice.  Each winter, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 millions homes in the United States. In most cases, mice enter our homes between October and February, looking for food, water and shelter from the cold.  Speaking of food, mice eat between 15 and 20 times a day.  Despite their small bodies, they pack a big appetite!  They usually prefer to build their homes near a food source for easy access to snacking!  Because mice love READ MORE »

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