What’s that annoying noise that keeps me up all ...

These are nocturnal creatures that are similar to grasshoppers in appearance. During the day, they generally hide in dark places such as in bushes, under trees and stones, and sometimes even beneath plants and in the dirt. They start gaining activity once the sun starts setting. While crickets are medically harmless to humans, they can be very annoying because of their constant monotonous chirping all night that can ruinous for light sleepers. They are also known to cause great damage to clothing, paper products and even some foods. While they do not pose any serious issue when present as individuals, READ MORE »

Why’s the furniture getting weaker day by day! C ...

Carpenter ants are known to live in colonies in nests that are established in multiple locations, both outside and inside home. These nests are of two types, the satellite colonies where the workers are housed and the parent colonies where the queen lives with the larva. The amount of damage caused by carpenter ants depends on the number of nests that have been established in the structure and the period of active infestation. While the larger colonies have the potential to bring about structural damage, these ants aren’t as dangerous as termites. Since carpenter ants are attracted to moisture, the READ MORE »

They’re here to creep you out in the dark. Crawl ...

Out of the many insects that arouse inherent fear in people, spiders stand at the top. Although most of the groups are harmless and have little or no medical importance, there are some that bite like the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spider. However, spiders are infamous mainly for how annoying they can be because of the webs they weave around the lighting, in the shed, barn and back yards. They have a tendency to take shelter in small, warm and dark places such as in the corners, eaves and air vents. While they occur in innumerable varieties, the READ MORE »

That puppy might be cute, but he’s got the flea ...

Fleas are one of the more common pest problems when cats or dogs are present or for new homeowners moving into previously infested homes and apartments. Not only are fleas a concern to pets for severe health reasons, but also to humans as they can cause unsightly allergic reactions and itching from bites. Fleas are also carriers of the tapeworm parasite. Fleas need relatively high temperatures to survive but once they find a new home, they are hard to get rid of. Fleas can become established in carpets and bedding for months and lay dormant until outside temperatures drop and READ MORE »

Cockroaches, yuck. Crawling Insects: Cockroaches

Cockroaches can breed rapidly and are highly resilient to hostile situations. Thus, it is extremely important to know the signs of a cockroach invasion and how to get rid of them in your home and to act quickly to prevent them in your home and from spreading out further. There are three commons types of cockroaches found in the United States nicknamed the German, Oriental and American cockroaches. Each has specific distinctions in their species but all share the common characteristic of being highly unwanted in any home or business. Cockroaches are nocturnal and hide during the day, however, noticing READ MORE »

Not your average beetle. Crawling Insects: Beetles

Beetles have lived on earth for more than 300 million years and can be found almost anywhere in the world, including your home. There are currently more than 350,000 species of beetles that have been identified, with suspicion of countless others that are still waiting to be discovered. The most common types of beetles found in residential areas include darkling beetles, green fruit beetles and carpet beetles. Beetles have the unique ability of being able to adapt to all climates and habitats; and that coupled with their exponential reproduction rate, an infestation of beetles in not an uncommon occurrence in READ MORE »

Where has all the sugar gone? Crawling Insects: An ...

One of the most common types of insect invasions in residential homes is by those pesky little things called formicidaes, also known as ants. Although there are thousands of different ant species, there are relatively few that are commonly seen as pests, in fact there are only four types of ants consistently seen throughout homes that cause nuisances for the residents living there. They are: pavement ants, citronella ants, pharaoh ants and flying ants. All range in size and color and tend not to cause structural damages to houses, only providing an annoyance to the current resident. In addition, all READ MORE »

Where’d those ugly stains on the walls come from ...

The insect that Aerex has received one of the most calls about this summer has been boxelder bugs. While they are essentially harmless to humans, boxelder bugs are considered as pests mainly because of their entry into buildings in large numbers. They do not cause any harm to property or bite people but they do cause stains on curtains, walls and other such surfaces due to their excreta. They generally seek shelter in high-moisture areas, around houseplants, and are known to feed on them, although only in rare cases. The best way to manage boxelder bugs is to altogether prevent READ MORE »

Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted here!  Happy New Year to all our customers, friends, and family.  2011 was a good year for Aerex, but we’re of course looking for 2012 to be an even better year.   We hope it’s a great year for all of you as well! If you’ve used our outdoor services in the past, you should have received a prepay mailer to take advantage of discount prices before the warm weather arrives.  We’ve been seeing pretty good results with those being sent back; thank you!  You have until March 15th, 2012 to send those in.  If READ MORE »

Carpenter Ant Nest

We learned today that even pest control companies have pests!  Steve was busy at the office today.  First he killed 10 paper wasp nests that formed in the railing of our back deck, and next was onto carpenter ant nest extermination.  Check out the video of the process, it’s a little hard to see, but watch closely.  Thousands of ants came pouring out.  Good job, Steve! Carpenter Ant nest

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