Spring Pest Control Preparations

Spring is here and you know what that means: The rain is falling, flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. Unfortunately, as much as we love the transition from cold to warm, springtime is still filled with its fair share of issues. Aside from pollen, one of the main concerns of homeowners everywhere is pest control.

What do Illinois Pests Do in the Winter?

With the arrival of the cold, it can be easy to forget of the existence of pests over the winter period until they return to plague you the next spring/summer.

Where do Spiders Go When it’s Cold?

For many bug phobics the coming of winter is a blessed escape and relief from the creepy crawlies of summer…or is it? Oftentimes winter is actually when many pests will turn to the warmth and comfort of your home to escape the cold weather, and while it pains me to tell you, spiders are no exception to this rule.

Mosquitoes and Cold Weather: Where Do They Go?

For many individuals prone to the attention of mosquitoes, the end of summer and the arrival of winter is a time of celebration. However, as those working in pest control know, mosquitoes do not simply die off when cold weather comes knocking.

Cleaning Your Home During a Mouse Infestation

Whether you hate them or think they’re kind of cute, having an errant mouse or mice in your home is not ideal. Causing all manner of problems such as damage and contamination, fighting off an infestation can be a chore. In this article we’ll be offering some useful pest control tips and tricks to help you, with the aid of a professional, fight the problem.

FAQs About Earwigs

While something many of us will agree that earwigs are something they do not want to know about, sadly as a good homeowner, knowing some of the signs and signals of possible infesting insects represent useful knowledge to have. Particularly if you live in an old home, or in an area prone to insect activity, being clued up and wary of some of the key culprits is a necessary evil.

Should You DIY Your Pest Control?

There’s no doubt about it, the USA is a land of ‘professional DIY’ers’, and with the cost of living ever increasing, who can blame us for saving some cents with a little hard graft? But when it comes to pest control, it may be better to be safe than sorry, and hire the professionals. In this article we’ll be looking at five key reasons why you just might want to put the toolbox away, in regards to pest control within your home.

Restaurant Pest Prevention

You always hear jokes about bugs in a restaurant, but as a restaurant owner, it’s not funny if it happens to you. In addition to scaring customers off, common pests can create serious issues for your health and safety policies. This can even result in consequences such as failing inspections, losing cleanliness ratings, and more. Do you know how to prevent bugs in your restaurant? Keep reading for a few simple steps that will help you keep your restaurant clean and safe.

Gutter-Dwelling Pests

We all take care to keep pests from getting in our homes; we take out the trash, clean our houses, and rest confidently in the fact that our homes are safe. But how much thought do we give to other, hidden pests like the ones hiding in our gutters? If this is a risk you haven’t often considered, it may be helpful to take a look at this list of potential pests that could be hiding in your gutters and what to do about them. But first, let’s take a look at why you might find pests in your gutters READ MORE »

Chilly Pests: Which Bugs Can Survive the Cold?

Owning a home is often considered the singular most important way for Americans to accumulate wealth. To own a home is an exciting opportunity that comes with all sort of interesting options and projects to complete. Painting bedrooms, landscaping the yard, planting a garden–all of these are great things for new homeowners to do, and are also the focus of many new families when they move into their new abode. One thing that potential homeowners often don’t think about, is the potential for bugs and pests. While this is a thought for many current owners, it can escape the minds READ MORE »

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