Should You DIY Your Pest Control?

There’s no doubt about it, the USA is a land of ‘professional DIY’ers’, and with the cost of living ever increasing, who can blame us for saving some cents with a little hard graft? But when it comes to pest control, it may be better to be safe than sorry, and hire the professionals. In this article we’ll be looking at five key reasons why you just might want to put the toolbox away, in regards to pest control within your home.

Restaurant Pest Prevention

You always hear jokes about bugs in a restaurant, but as a restaurant owner, it’s not funny if it happens to you. In addition to scaring customers off, common pests can create serious issues for your health and safety policies. This can even result in consequences such as failing inspections, losing cleanliness ratings, and more. Do you know how to prevent bugs in your restaurant? Keep reading for a few simple steps that will help you keep your restaurant clean and safe.

Gutter-Dwelling Pests

We all take care to keep pests from getting in our homes; we take out the trash, clean our houses, and rest confidently in the fact that our homes are safe. But how much thought do we give to other, hidden pests like the ones hiding in our gutters? If this is a risk you haven’t often considered, it may be helpful to take a look at this list of potential pests that could be hiding in your gutters and what to do about them. But first, let’s take a look at why you might find pests in your gutters READ MORE »

Chilly Pests: Which Bugs Can Survive the Cold?

Owning a home is often considered the singular most important way for Americans to accumulate wealth. To own a home is an exciting opportunity that comes with all sort of interesting options and projects to complete. Painting bedrooms, landscaping the yard, planting a garden–all of these are great things for new homeowners to do, and are also the focus of many new families when they move into their new abode. One thing that potential homeowners often don’t think about, is the potential for bugs and pests. While this is a thought for many current owners, it can escape the minds READ MORE »

Holiday Annoyances: Avoiding Pests Over the Holida ...

The holiday season is a time of fun, joy, and hanging out with loved ones. You want to gather around the Christmas tree or menorah, eat lots of delicious food, and relax on the couch, not be startled by little critters crawling around your house. When you’re hosting holiday gatherings, you want to make sure that the place is clean and comfortable — and when your family comes home for the holidays, you don’t want any bugs to come with them. What kinds of bugs are a problem? There are a variety of bugs that may try and make themselves READ MORE »

Cleaning After a Mouse Infestation

Mouse infestations are unfortunately a common happenstance for homeowners. They can also happen in rentals, but many rental units have a pest control system set up, and the landlord will handle the problem. In a house, though, there are many places for mice to hide and make their homes, where you may or may not notice. Once you’ve gotten rid of the mice, it is important to do a thorough cleaning to wipe all evidence of them from your home. Why do you need to sterilize? While many would consider mice just a minor nuisance, they can cause some major READ MORE »

Top 5 Hidden Pests

Uninvited guests always seem to find a way into our homes. Bugs that creep, crawl, fly, and squirm will always find ways into the places we live. They come through the swinging doors. They find ways through the cracks in windows and walls. They sneak up through drain pipes, and they fester in our unfinished basements and attics. If it were not for regular pest control, these armies could take over our homes and our lives. Fall is the season they begin to move into our homes in large numbers. These pests know that winter is coming and that their READ MORE »

Boxelder Bugs 101

In the world of pests like bed bugs, fleas, and cockroaches, boxelder bugs may not rank very high on the most hated pests to most households, but those that have maple, ash, or boxelder trees nearby may find unwelcome visitors in their homes during the fall. Boxelder bugs are common throughout the United States and are named after their most common host, the boxelder tree. These small black and red insects swarm into boxelder and other types of trees, and suck the juices from them, destroying the trees in the process. They can also damage crops and other plants as READ MORE »

Earwig Extermination with Aerex

Earwigs are often thought of as nasty little critters that will crawl in your ear and travel to your brain. Everyone has heard of this myth, but it is just that — a myth. Earwigs are pests that prefer to live in dark, moist places, generally close to rotting vegetation to provide a food source. While they do not bite or carry disease, they can certainly be a nuisance. They are a pest that you can have an infestation of quickly if you do not use proper pest control.

Pest FAQ

Pests — what are they, and why do we have to worry about them? Most of us have at some point in time had to deal with something in our home that annoys us and shouldn’t be there. We call them pests, whether they are rodents, insects, spiders, or reptiles. Below are some common questions you may have wondered about pests.

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