Pest Control and Property Management

Landlords and property managers have a lot at stake when it comes to keeping their properties free of pests and rodents. After all, consumers depend on property management firms to provide a pest-free environment. It’s imperative that they take the proper precautions to keep pests M.I.A. For example, if one apartment, hotel room, villa, condo etc has a pest invasion, it’s likely that the problem will surface in other living quarters as well. Tenants and customers should always report a pest problem of any type to property management immediately, to protect themselves and the safety of their neighbors.

Commercial properties and apartment complexes not only attract lots of people, but a wide variety of pests, too. For a property manager, the outcome of a pest infestation can be quite defeating. Once a problem is detected, tenants and customers might spread the word – causing lower occupancy rights and hurting the establishment’s reputation. One thing property managers can do to take extra precaution is to properly inform customers or tenants on how to reduce the likelihood of encountering a pest problem. Provide an informational packet, schedule a meeting – whatever needs to be done to get the word out. Another way to keep pests out is to have the building professionally inspected at least once a year, if not several times per year.

Your local Aerex Technician will regularly visit your building to look for signs of pest activity, resolve active concerns, identify potential risks and advise on steps you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems.

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