Pest Control in Warehouses and Storage Areas

Insect ListStorage areas and warehouses have a high potential for pest problems. With the relatively big area to cover and many gaps and holes where pests can nest and multiply, having an infestation is not uncommon. And an additional problem is that if those areas are dedicated to food or some pest-prone materials like clothes or wood, getting rid of pests costs a lot of money simply because it takes time, and the area usually has to be sealed off. Depending on the size of the infestation, a problem with pests might halt your business operations as well.

The storage and distribution business is all about economy – and  when working in this industry, you simply just cannot afford to risk the disruption that a pest problem can cause. A lot of companies pay dearly for having a pest infestation. If a factories warehouse is shut down for just one day for fumigation or some other pest control method, this can cost the company thousands, or sometimes even millions. With the high volume of goods constantly moving in and out of your business, it’s only natural that you would need a professional pest control company for premier pest security.

Commercial storage warehouses present distinctive challenges for pest control programs. These areas are often large, and pest control professionals have to try to get rid of your pests and do minimal damage to your business in the process. There are many types of insects, animals and birds that can infest your warehouse. Real pest control professionals understand how important it is to commercial pest control clients that their storage facilities and warehouses are effectively treated.

Among the most common types of pests found in these types of areas are insects. These can include a whole variety of pesky animals, but the most common are weevils, ants, moths and a few types of beetles. With insects, pest control is difficult because of their size and the fact that their sources might be hard to pinpoint.

Another common pest found in warehouses and storages are rodents. These are particularly pesky because they tend to chew through a lot of materials and they multiply quickly. Clothes, paper and furniture are especially at risk, as well as food. They can also carry diseases which can cause a serious health concern.

Birds are also a common pest in commercial areas. They tend to nest high up near the ceiling, and can cause serious concerns due to droppings, feathers or some other mess they create. Both visitors and employees can suffer due to birds being present in an area.

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