Pest FAQ

boxelder bug controlPests — what are they, and why do we have to worry about them? Most of us have at some point in time had to deal with something in our home that annoys us and shouldn’t be there. We call them pests, whether they are rodents, insects, spiders, or reptiles. Below are some common questions you may have wondered about pests.

How do pests get in our homes?

Whether it be from leaving the door open, a window that doesn’t close properly, or other little cracks and crevices in our home, pests will find a way to get in. Rodents and other insects will test an opening with their noses and if their nose fit through it, they can get their bodies through it as well. They can also come in the tiny spaces around our pipes and vents, and in some cases can even be tracked in on our shoes or clothes.

If I have pests, does that mean my is home dirty?

Not necessarily! In a lot of cases, pests are seeking shelter from undesirable elements. Things like heat, lack of water, food, or cold can chase things like rodents and roaches into our homes. They are essentially seeking shelter and food to survive. You can keep a clean, sterile home or a dusty, dirty home and still have infestations of pests. As long as they can find optimal conditions in your home, they will thrive.

How do I keep rodents away from my home?

You will need to do several things to keep rodents away from and out of your home. Keep the grass mowed, weeds pulled, shrubs trimmed back away from the exterior, and keep debris picked up and away from the home. Try not to leave any food out, and sweep up any crumbs. You cannot use a spray to keep rodents away, but taking these steps can help reduce the likelihood for infestation.

Will pests hurt my health?

Again, not necessarily. They can be messy and annoying, but they are not always dangerous. However, some pests can carry diseases, so it is important to try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Will my friends and family know I have pests?

Usually, no, they will not. However, in some cases, a serious infestation of rodents or other insects will create a noticeable odor. This odor is created by their waste, such as food they didn’t finish, urine, or droppings. They may also see the pests or their droppings around your home. It is always recommended to take care of pests as quickly as possible.

Are the rats I see in the attic the same as the ones in the pet store?

No, probably not. The wild rats and mice you hear in the attic are totally different — not just because the ones in the store are tamed, but also because they are different breeds. They have different identifying marks and characteristics. Every once in a while, you may see a domestic rodent that escaped someone’s home, but not very often.

It’s not uncommon to wonder about the pests you see in and around your property. If you have more questions, contact a pest control professional, who can answer any questions you might have and help you take control of your pest problems.

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