Pests and Industrial Manufacturing

Hygiene and cleanliness standards can never be compromised in a manufacturing setting, and pest management is essential to maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for people to work in and to prevent the spread of the wide range of diseases carried by pests. Businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to pest damage. When left untreated, insects and rodents can consume products, destroy buildings and ruin reputations. Your customers, management and employees simply won’t and cannot tolerate pest infestations in your facilities.

The types of industrial manufacturing that  need to be sensitive to pest control are vast, but include food and non-food manufacturing, storage and distribution, and utility companies. Packages contaminated by flies or other pests not only endanger the relationship with customers but can, in extreme cases, threaten the existence of a company.

Different types of manufacturing – food and non-food alike – demand different levels of pest control. An Aerex Pest Control Technician will work with you to devise effective strategies at every stage. They can also advise you on working practices to prevent pests. Contact Aerex Pest Control Services to put your pest problem to rest!

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