Pests that you don’t want Home for the Holidays

canstockphoto9311127With the arrival of Christmas holidays, some pests will be fanatically searching for ways to sneak inside your home. We’re sure that the last thing you want around Christmas time is to deal with pest infestations. Winter pests are trying to make their way into your home and to prevent them you need to know which pests are the most active.

No pest guests for the Holidays…

Nothing can ruin your holidays faster than bugs. Here are some common pests that find their way indoors.

  • Aphids, spiders, and beetles could find their way inside if your Christmas tree is infested.
  • Boxes of holiday decorations from the attic where they were stored months ago are often an inviting home to pests like mice, spiders, earwigs, and silverfish.
  • While traveling, it’s possible to pick up nasty hitchhikers like bed bugs from hotel accommodations.
  • Roaches usually find their home in our attics and storage areas, which is probably where you keep your holiday decorations.
  • Some ant species stay active year round and can invade your home in search of food and water.
  • Fruit and moth flies are attracted to decaying organic material. If you like to keep fresh fruit out in bowls, this could cause pests problems as well.

Avoid holiday problems…

Here are some tips to make your season bright and pests free.

  • Shake the Christmas tree because there are a number of bugs that can live and nest inside. Prevent crawling spiders, and inspect your tree with a flashlight before you bring it indoors.
  • Edible decorations are food sources for rodents. Your food ornaments can lure rodents into your home or draw them down from their hiding places. To prevent them, keep the food off the tree.
  • Unpack the boxes with holiday decorations outside so you don’t accidently bring unwanted pests into your house. There’s  nothing worse than unpacking ornaments and finding bugs inside. Inspect each item carefully and make sure to wear rubber gloves when you do this because pests can leave their feces and other debris inside the boxes.
  • Use plastic containers to store your holiday decorations because these are harder for pests to infiltrate.
  • Bed bugs are definitely one of the worst pests. When you’re traveling, it’s important to examine the place you will be staying before in you bring your belongings. If you’re staying in a hotel room, check for signs of bed bugs around the bed, behind pictures on the wall, and inside the box spring of the bed. If you suspect you may have picked bed bugs during your holiday travel, you should call a professional to inspect your property.

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