6 Places Bugs Might Be Hiding in Your Home

cricketWhether they hop, run, crawl, or fly into your home, bugs and insects are eager to settle in if they can find water, food, and shelter. It is important to practice proactive pest control so you can prevent an infestation. Remember that treating a minor infestation is far easier than treating a widespread infestation. One step is knowing the places where bugs like to hide out in your home. Here are some common hiding places that you should continuously monitor for possible infestations.

Seams of Beds, Chairs, and Couches

These are common places for bed bugs to hide. They spread incredibly fast and sometimes it takes months before you notice them, so make sure to check these places often.


Every basement provides two things bugs crave: darkness and dampness. Check all your plumbing for leaks and seal any entry points bugs may use to make their way inside. Inspect every dark corner and regularly check stored boxes for signs of bugs.


Places behind wall baseboards or trim are usually bug hotels, hosting all kinds of bugs and insects that like tight corners. To get rid of bugs who live in these areas you should vacuum along the trim weekly. Use a vacuum brush attachment for a quick clean up.


To practice proper pest control here, you need to thoroughly inspect everything, including your clothes, since some bugs feed off fabrics. Clean your clothes regularly and only keep clothing that you wear regularly. When you buy new or used clothes, always clean out your closet before storing new items.

Trash Can

A trash can with a sealed lid will keep bugs out of the garbage. If you recycle, pour some vinegar or soapy water into the bins, which makes the area less appealing to hungry bugs. Regularly rinse your trash cans and recycle bins with bleach for household cleaning to eliminate possible bug eggs.


Unfortunately, there are even bugs that make themselves at home in your appliances. Stoves and refrigerators provide ideal shelter to such bugs. If you do notice that some bugs are hiding in your appliances, call your local pest control professional and ask for advice.

General Clutter

Stacks of old newspapers, boxes, and even dirty laundry offer shelter for bugs. Keep your home neat and clutter-free as a simple prevention solution.

Preventative pest control is important. If you ever find evidence of bugs during your usual inspections, act quickly to prevent the infestation from getting out of control.

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