Prevent Pests During Spring Cleaning

lavender plantWith spring now here, it’s time for spring cleaning. It’s also the ideal time to protect your home against the pests who want to try and move in. Bugs and rodents infesting your yard and home is problematic, so here are a few tips and suggestions you can use that might help you keep those pesky pests away.

Focus on the Yard

Spring cleaning is a great time to get your yard cleaned up. Clean up any trash that might have built up in your yard during winter. Rodents love to hide in things like old tires and piles of things like wood or rocks. Make sure your garbage has been making it into the bins outside properly, and make sure the lids of your bins are tight so the trash doesn’t attract ants or other pests into your yard and possibly your home. If you’ve had anything outside that could have been collecting water it’s best to dump those out so that mosquitoes cannot breed.  Keeping your lawn mowed and the grass short eliminates hidings spots for rodents and other pests and bugs.

Home Maintenance

While you are cleaning up your yard, it’s a good time to check around the outside of your home for any holes that rodents have made to get into your home. Check for any cracks or gaps they could use to get into your home and get these repaired as soon as possible with things like copper mesh and steel wool. Using caulk is not recommended since many pests can chew through it.


It’s a lot easier to prevent a roach infestation then it is to get rid of them. Proper sanitation is the key to preventing roaches from inviting themselves in. Many of the prevention tips are the same as treatment tips. Keep your kitchen appliances clean and disinfect your countertops every night. Try keeping food consumption to one room in your home and vacuum your kitchen every night so that the roaches don’t have anything to forage. Try to vacuum the other rooms in your house every few days to get rid of roach skins and eggs sacs since these things have pheromones that attract more roaches.

Keep the Ants Out

If you have an ant problem, it’s likely to get worse with the warmer weather, so now is the time to take care of it. For indoor ants you don’t want to just kill the worker ants because more will be sent out to replace them. You want to kill the queen and her young to stop the infestation. Contact a pest control professional to ensure it gets done properly.

Take Care on Spring Break

If you choose to go on vacation for spring break, take special care to check your hotel room for any signs of bed bugs. If you bring those home, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. If you find any signs of bed bugs in your home while doing your spring cleaning, contact pest control immediately to start the process of removing them.

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