Proactive Pest Control: Common Entry Points and How to Fix Them

outdoor pest controlIt can be very frustrating to continue to find pests inside of your home after repeatedly employing pest control measures. Many people question how these relentless pests are getting inside their home. Pests will exploit any opening they can find to enter the home, whether it be to take shelter from the weather or to feast upon food in the house. Make a preemptive strike against pests. Learn where the most vulnerable home entry points are and how you can seal off these areas in your home. The best way to fight pests is by being proactive.

 1. Windows: Windows with torn or missing screens are open invitations for pests to enter the home. Always inspect and replace screens, even when the smallest tear appears. After closing the window completely, ensure that it is tightly sealed. If there is any gap in the sealant, it should be replaced. Fill in any holes or cracks around the window with caulk or another sealant

2. Doors: Inspect the sweep at the bottom or the door and the weather stripping. When the door is completely closed, there should be no daylight or air coming in from outside.

3.Exhausts Fans & Dryer Vents: Rodents use these openings as prime areas to enter the home. Keep the outside vents protected with a screen. Check the screen often to ensure there are no tears and that it is properly sealed. This small precaution could save you from hosting rodent infestations in your home.

4.Exterior Wall Gaps: As your home shifts over the years, it is natural for cracks, crevices, and small holes to occur. Pests often enter the home through these exterior openings. Stay on top of these openings by sealing them up as soon as possible. Inspect the exterior of your home regularly to ensure that you are not missing any new holes or cracks. Be aware when landscaping to avoid having plants, mulch, or other foliage touch the exterior walls, in order to help keep insects away from the walls.

5. Pipes & Conduits: Houses have a multitude of pipes and cables leading from the exterior of the home to the inside. The pipes and cables often have poor sealing and, depending on the size of the opening, can be inviting to pests both large and small. Regularly inspect these exterior pipes and cables and reseal any openings with caulk, copper mesh, steel wool, or any other exterior waterproof sealant.

6. Chimney: Chimneys are best protected by installing a chimney cap or screen. Make sure to inspect it at least once per year to ensure there are no holes or compromises in the sealant of the cap or screen.

7. Garage: Garages that do not close all the way or do not have proper sealant are an open invitation for pests. Use weather stripping to seal the garage closure. Fill in any cracks or holes with caulk. Invest in a high-quality caulking gun. Weather-proof caulk is an excellent sealant method. No matter how well constructed your home is, you will get great use from it.

Dealing with insects and other pests is never pleasant. Be proactive in your pest control this season. Evaluate all of these entry points and make the appropriate efforts to seal them.

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