Protect Your Warehouse from Pests

One of the favorite places for pests to take up residence is in both storage areas and warehouses. These spaces offer an expansive area with all sorts of convenient crevices in which they can hide and, of course, multiply.

Anything from bugs to birds can be extremely disruptive to your operations. It is very important to understand how your storage area or warehouse can become a haven for pests, and how to best tackle this common issue for the sake of your company.

A Big Problem

Any business that relies on the importance of storage or distribution can be seriously impacted by a pest problem. The cost of having to halt your activities to confront pests can be scary to any business owner. Emptying and restocking the space for fumigation takes money, time, and resources away from your business. Unfortunately, the cost of not confronting pests can be even worse. Damaged inventory alone can amount to untold costs. What’s worse, if your business is found to be the source of someone else’s pest issues, you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

Even if distribution is not a large element of operations, warehousing is essential to almost every company. If you offer customer storage, you run the risk of customers bringing in pests and spreading them to the surrounding storage areas Again, you risk major losses for anything ruined by pests. In both instances, you face fines and potential legal hurdles for having unsanitary conditions, and that doesn’t even account for the consequences if an employee or customer experiences resulting health problems.

The Challenges

No matter how clean you believe your residential or commercial storage area or warehouse to be, it can’t stop the inevitable influx of pesky critters. These areas are ideal as there are so many perfect places for insects, mice, and other pests to feel safe enough to build a nest. Distribution centers in particular are bustling with people and products constantly moving in and out, allowing for pests to gain easy access to their new home. The problem can grow at an alarming rate. If you spot even one or two mice or bugs scurrying around your storage area, it is very likely that there are hundreds, if not thousands more, lurking in the darkness.

What to Do

Once you have an issue with pests, be it in your home or business, it can be very difficult to regain control. Since there tend to be so many hiding places as well as so many points of access, where do you even start? Just getting a general idea of the extent of your problem can seem overwhelming. Your duty is to run your business responsibly and effectively. The absolute best thing you can do is to seek professional help from those with pest control expertise. Diagnosing and treating your worst pest infestations is what they do. Pest control experts can not only rid your warehouse or storage area of any unwelcome guests, they can also aid in pest prevention. They know the habits and preferences of common insects, rodents, and birds. It can be a huge help to consult with them on how to better design your space or adjust operations to minimize your future risk.

You really can’t afford risking the health of your employees, clients, and business by letting a pest problem get out of control. It doesn’t take much for even a seemingly small issue to explode into a major problem. Whether you already have an infestation or you want to streamline operations to prevent it, calling a professional pest control team is always the best option.

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