Protect Your Yard This Mosquito Season

how to avoid mosquito bitesMosquito season is coming! For many, that means it’s time to brace yourself for itchy welts all over. Mosquitos are pesky little creatures that will stop at nothing to munch on your arms and legs. Unfortunately, these pests do more harm than just annoy us. Some carry harmful forms of bacteria that could result in detrimental illness when left unchecked.

Because of the potential health risks associated with them, getting your home ready for mosquito season is imperative. If you’re in an area that’s susceptible to mosquitos, check out these ways you can bolster up your property.


  • Eliminate Standing Water


Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to water and moisture. That’s why they usually come out after a bad thunderstorm. If you don’t have proper drainage systems, you’re creating the perfect location for mosquitos to gather. Therefore, take the steps needed to get rid of standing water and control the moisture accumulation in your yard. Consult with a general contractor and discuss your drainage needs. Installing this system is key to keeping your yard maintained.

  1.  Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Trim

When your trees and shrubs are trimmed, this helps mitigate the risk of mosquito infestation. On a consistent basis, especially in the spring and summer, keep your foliage in pristine condition. This will prevent the spread of mosquitos and keep your yard clear.

  1. Incorporate Mosquito Candles

Mosquito candles serve a dual purpose. They rid your yard of bugs while providing a decorative element. Invest in several of these if you’re wanting to keep your outdoor decks and patios free of pesky mosquitos. Fortunately, you can find cute tikis and holders that are designed to hold your candles. You’ll have the freedom of getting rid of mosquitos in style.

  1. Invest in a Mosquito Net

This is a popular option for your outdoor living space, because it repels mosquitos and keeps your deck or patio cool. This is an ideal option for those hot summer days where you want to enjoy the weather, but not burn to a crisp. Much like the mosquito candles, this net serves a dual function, combining style and effectiveness.

  1.  Keep Your Outdoor Living Space in Good Condition

If your grass is overgrown or if your yard is filled with diseased trees, you’re going to have mosquitos. Therefore, keep your yard in good condition in order to prepare for mosquito season. These bugs won’t have anything to munch on if your yard is trim. This is an excellent way to prevent bugs and keep your yard looking great. In addition, there are special grades of soil that are designed to repel mosquitos. If you have a garden, spread a bit of that around your yard in order to reap the full benefit.

Another part of keeping your outdoor space well cared-for is investing in professional pest control. A pest control professional can not only point out any potential problem areas in your yard, they can also help you set up a pest control plan over the warm months to help keep your property mosquito-free.

Mosquito season is quickly approaching. You don’t want to host backyard parties or late night dinners in an environment filled with mosquitos. Therefore, take the necessary steps towards preventing the spread of mosquitos. This will help you to better enjoy your outdoor living space without constantly have to swat or spray at annoying bugs.

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