Protect Your Closet from Moths

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No one wants to stow away their favorite ugly-holiday sweater or expensive cashmere cardigan only to discover next winter that their clothing is riddled with holes from moths and now in need of costly replacements.

If you want your winter clothes to last, then you will need to be proactive in keeping the moths away from your closet. These pests can pose a real danger that many of us take lightly. Preventing moths from eating your clothing can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in clothing damage. 

Many homeowners are heartbroken to find a moth infestation, so if you don’t want to find yourself and your clothes in the same predicament, here is a helpful Q&A for how to keep moths at bay.

What are winter moths and where do they come from?

The winter moth is a species in the moth family that are most active during the cold winter months, unlike most insects. The male moth is winged, but the female cannot fly. This species of moth is very invasive and harmful and can cause quite widespread infestations. The winter moths come from Europe where they are most abundant, but they can also be found all over the USA.

In the 1950’s, winter moths started to make their presence known in North America. Experts think this might have been caused by travellers from Nova Scotia  in this time period. Whatever the mode of transportation, winter moths have been infesting homes throughout Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, and beyond for decades. 

Why is getting rid of winter moths so important?

Winter moths love to chomp on all kinds of natural fibers, making no discernment between cotton sheets, cashmere, or even coarser textiles. They are active in the winter and love damp, dark places. Your winter closet may not be opened for months at a time, which is a prime base for them. Their favorite food is fine, high-quality fabrics, meaning that the damage they can cause can be very costly. Moths also use your clothes to hatch their eggs, which means while you may be safe this season, this time next year, you might be faced with a harmful, full-scale infestation. 

How to Avoid and Get rid of Winter Moths
There are several steps you can take to ensure your home remains moth-free. To properly protect yourself, you should undertake the following:

  • Wash all of your out-of-season clothing before putting them in storage to ensure your clothes are free from moth eggs.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly to ensure there are no eggs laying in wait to hatch.
  • Lavender sachets make great moth repellents! Hang one in your closet and use lavender drawer liners as needed. You can also try other moth repellent options if lavender is not to your taste.
  • Store your clothes and fabrics in airtight bags or containers to prevent moths from gaining entry. 

No matter the option you chose, if you think you have an active infestation, don’t delay. Call a professional pest controller to ensure your clothing is safe and damage-free.

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