Rats! We Have a Rat Problem

You know how Hollywood portrays mice as these scary creatures that cause people to scream and jump on top of furniture? Well, rats produce a similar reaction, but they are even bigger, harrier, and longer tailed rodents.

The species of rat found around the Chicago and Wisconsin areas is the Norway Rat, although they originated in Asia centuries ago. They prefer fresh food, but will eat virtually anything – pet food, dog feces, garbage, plants – you name it. When food is particularly scarce, a rat may even eat the weakest of the pack or its young.

If rats are present in and around your home, you may notice faint noises during the night. That’s because rats are somewhat nocturnal, and they are the most active at night. Pay attention to scratching noises in the walls or under the floor. Additionally, look out for droppings – rats often leave these behind and it’s a strong indicator that rats could be a problem in your home. More signs of a rat problem include an ammonia-like smell, chewed cables, ripped food packaging and nests.

A rat infestation in your home should be dealt with immediately. After all, a female rat can produce up to seven litters per year, with each litter containing 8-12 pups. That’s a lot of rats!

So, if you think you have rats – don’t go out and adopt a cat (although if you’re looking for a companion go right ahead!). Call Aerex to dispose of the problem the right way. Our trained technicians are specialized in rodent and pest control.


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