Are You Ready for Mosquito Season?

mosquitoSummer is here! The birds are singing, the kids are splashing in the pool out back… and the mosquitoes are buzzing! It’s time to bolster-up your outdoor space before mosquito season.

When is mosquito season?

In the northern U.S., mosquito season typically runs from May through August. Unfortunately, in the south, mosquito season can last from February until November, especially in places that get plenty of rainfall. Mosquitoes rely on the warm, wet climates to hatch and breed and only the cold temperatures and dry weather keep them at bay.

What can you do to protect your property from mosquitoes?

  1. Remove standing water. Mosquitoes love still water. They can usually be found close to lakes, ponds, and puddles. Standing water allows them to reproduce, so If your property has any standing water, you can expect to find mosquitoes nearby. Be sure to get rid of standing water on the ground, but also in large containers like buckets or barrels. Mosquitoes are not picky about their water as long as it stays still enough for them to use.
  2. Trim your foliage. Mosquitoes prefer spaces that have hiding spots. That shrubbery in your yard is a potential home for them. You don’t need to obliterate your bushes. Instead, trim the shrubs and trees around your house. They will be more attractive to you and less attractive to the mosquitoes, and this simple method will help bolster-up your outdoor space before mosquito season.
  3. Install an outdoor fan on your patio. Mosquitoes, being tiny creatures, are very easy to blow away by air currents. They are unable to get to you on windy days. Installing an outdoor fan somewhere on your patio will help mosquito-proof your porch, and it will help keep you cool as well. This is a much more environmentally-friendly solution that filling the air with bug spray.
  4. Invest in outdoor, mosquito-repellant lighting. You may have noticed that mosquitoes are not as active during the hottest times of the day. During those times, they prefer to stay in the shade and close to water. However, as the sun begins to set, they come out in full force to feed on you. If you want to enjoy those summer evenings spending time outdoors, consider buying some special mosquito-repellant lighting to give you better light and to keep those hungry mosquitoes away.
  5. Use mosquito nets. There is one final way to bolster-up your outdoor space before mosquito season. The places in the world that suffer the most from mosquitoes and malaria they can sometimes carry cannot rely on bug spray for protection. They use mosquito nets to surround their living spaces and prevent mosquitoes from getting in in the first place. This is typically not the most attractive or convenient method of dealing with mosquitoes, but if you live near a large body of standing water and continuously have problems with mosquitoes both outside, as well as inside your property, blocking off some strategic areas with mosquito nets may be your best method of keeping them out.

Any or all of these tips will help you enjoy your summer, free from the bother of those buzzing, biting mosquitoes.

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