Restaurant Pest Control

When you’re a restaurant owner or work in the food business, you want nothing more than for your customers to love you products as much as you do. You love your work, and you put a lot of effort into keeping your establishment healthy, safe and clean. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, take-out or eat in establishment, your most valuable asset is your reputation. Customers base this principally on food and service, but your customers also expect the highest level of cleanliness.

Mice, rats, flies and cockroaches are the most common food-related pests, and pose a particularly high threat to the hygiene standards of an establishment because of their disease risk. It doesn’t stop there – there are plenty of other pests that can cause damage to both your establishment’s health standards and reputation. Keep an eye out for bees, wasps and hornets, as well as moths and several types of flies.

If you suspect that a pest of any kind could be a problem in your establishment (and no, we don’t mean your wholesale delivery guy) contact someone who can aid you in alleviating the problem. Aerex Pest Control offers the latest in pest control services and has ample experience working specifically with the restaurant biz.

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