RIP my little garden plants. Crawling Insects: Earwigs

These are burrowing insects which are about half an in inch in length and have a reddish-brown color. Essentially, earwigs are nocturnal and although they are active all through the year, they are generally seen during the summer months. Their sharp pincers located towards the rear of the abdomen are a distinguishing feature. While these pincers do not cause any danger to humans, they could cause some pain on pinching. Earwigs are regarded as garden pests because they feed on plants leaving them with holes in the leaves and in some cases, even eat them up to the extent of stripping them bare.

Earwigs can become an issue when they start taking shelter in your house or near it. They build nests under stones and sidewalks or even near the house foundation, in the dirt. They start establishing large colonies by their massive reproduction scheme. The severity of the infestation will depend on the size and activity of the colony. The Aerex technicians are well-versed with the habits and behaviors of earwigs and they will use this knowledge and experience to design a control program suitable for your situation and help you get rid of them.

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