Silverfish Protection and Control

If you have ever seen a silverfish, you know that they are fast moving creatures. Not only do they move quickly – but they also reproduce quickly, causing an infestation to get out of hand at a rapid rate. As with any pest, the first key in identifying a problem is knowing how to identify the creature. Luckily, Silverfish are easy to distinguish, from their white, brown/grey or blue/silver colors and three long bristles in the rear. They can also be quite large, ranging from 12-19mm.

One bad thing about silverfish is that while they prefer dark, damp and humid areas, they can survive in almost any climate or environment. However, one of the best ways to control a silverfish infestation is by controlling humidity. Open vents and use baseboards with caulking. Silverfish consume a variety of foods, so stringent housekeeping routines may also help prevent their presence.

Keep an eye out for silverfish in bathrooms, sinks, tubs, cellars, attics and basements. If your home or office has already presented a silverfish infestation, your best option is calling a professional pest control company like Aerex who can create a customized approach. Contact Aerex at the first sign of a selfish infestation to have the problem handled quickly and effectively.

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