Spiders: Why are they so Scary?

We’ve all told the stories…

“I killed a spider last night, and it was the size of a tennis ball!”

We’ve all heard the stories…

“I was cooking and all the sudden a giant spider landed on my spatula!”

Out of all the stories we have heard and told about spiders, how many of them are actually true? Was the spider you found really the size of a golf ball? Did the spider living on your porch in college that you called “Big Bertha” actually have visible fangs?

The stories we share about spiders seem to escalate from one thing: fear. Over 1 million Americans are self-diagnosed arachnophobics, and even more have serious phobia-related conditions. So why are spiders so scary? Why do we fear spiders more than other creepy-crawlers?

As a leading pest control company in Chicago, we get calls and complaints about spiders year round. Many times because of an infestation – but other times simply because a member of the household has a strong fear of spiders.

So why do we prefer ladybugs and colorful butterflies to spiders? Scientists have done their research, and believe they may have the answer. According to research, we are afraid of spiders because of the way they look and how they move. This is in correlation with a spider’s angular shape – as the human brain tends to prefer curved ones. Additionally, most spiders are black or dark in color, which we naturally associate with “bad” or “evil.”

Going back to our exaggerated stories above – because of our fear of spiders, we often remember them being larger than they were.

Learning more about these creatures can help us to understand them, and possibly lessen our fears.

Even the smallest spider can cause many to be paralyzed with fear. The way they scuttle, their long legs…we are mentally wired to fear them. At Aerex Pest Control, we don’t want our customers to fear spiders or any other insect. We want them to control the pest to live safely and comfortably. If you believe spiders may be an issue in your home, contact Aerex. Our trained technicians fear them just a little bit less than you do, and will create an effective plan to keep them out.

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