Spring Brings Back Our 8-Legged Friends

Spring is the perfect time of year. The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, people are spending more time outdoors, and spiders are…everywhere. When the spring months roll around, humans aren’t the only creatures taking advantage of spring’s warmer weather. In fact, many species of spider wait for spring to start laying their eggs and venturing out into the world. While some spiders are completely harmless and do nothing more than give us the “creepy crawlies” some can be poisonous and harmful to humans. This spring, keep an eye out for these common spiders found in homes and commercial buildings.

Garden Spider: These spiders are quite large and scary looking. The good news is they are harmless to humans, and are actually great for gardens and feast on aphids and flies. While they are commonly found in tropical, humid areas like Florida or Hawaii, they can be found here and there in gardens around Illinois.

Hobo Spiders (European House Spiders): Hobo Spiders are considered one of the most common house spiders. Slightly hairy and brown in color, they usually range from as small as 2/9 of an inch to the size of a dime. They are known for being web-builders and can usually be found in or around the large webs they construct to catch prey.

Wolf Spider: The Wolf Spider presents good news and bad news. The bad news: a Wolf Spider’s bite is slightly poisonous to humans. The good news: it is never fatal. They have great camouflage abilities so are difficult to spot inside the home. Some identifying characteristics of the Wolf Spider are its large size, brown color and at times its egg sack on top of its body.

Cellar Spider: There are multiple types of Cellar Spiders, and they can be identified by their long legs. For example, “Daddy Long Legs” are a type of Cellar Spider. They seek out cool, dark and damp spaces and are not harmful to humans or pets.

Yellow Sac Spider: This is another harmless and non-poisonous spider – but gee are they scary looking! They are often as big as 1 inch long and are mainly active at night.

Black Widow: The Black Widow is notorious for being one of the worst spiders to be bitten by. If you suspect you have been bitten by a Black Widow, seek medical attention immediately, as a bite could prove fatal if left untreated. A Black Widow can often be identified by red markings on the abdomen, however a male Black Widow may be brown and have no markings at all.

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