Spring Pest Control Preparations

lavender plantSpring is here and you know what that means: The rain is falling, flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. Unfortunately, as much as we love the transition from cold to warm, springtime is still filled with its fair share of issues. Aside from pollen, one of the main concerns of homeowners everywhere is pest control.

It seems as if as soon as temperatures rise, the pests come out. This is such an issue for some, they go to great lengths to protect their home from infestation. If you’re one of the many individuals who want to learn more about pest control in spring, check out these helpful tips that will help you get your home ready for the coming season.

Don’t Leave Food Out
Pests love crumbs and scraps of food. If you have a nasty habit of eating and leaving crumbs on your counters, you’re inviting pests into your home. Make it a habit to sweep or dust leftover crumbs after each meal or snack. This will help to prevent pests from coming into your home and looking for food.

In addition, don’t leave food out overnight. By packing your food items away in the fridge or cupboard, you’re making it harder for the pests to get to it.

Invest in Pest Control Services
If your home is filled with little critters, getting pest control services are in your best interest. These professionals have the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to rid bugs of all varieties from your home.

At the first sign of infestation, schedule your appointment with a pest control company. This will help you stay on top of whatever wants to crawl in your home.

Manage Your Water Levels
When your yard isn’t draining properly, water can accumulate. When this occurs, pests and bugs migrate to the source. Eventually, they may find their way into your home. Instead of hosting your own personal moat, invest in a properly designed drainage system. This is an awesome way to manage your water levels and rid your yard of pesky rodents, mosquitos, and other pests. You’ll soon see a major difference in how your yard looks after investing in this system.

Use Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is a natural way to get rid of spiders, ants, and other unmentionables. Sprinkle a few drops around your home, focusing on those hard to reach places. The critters are naturally disgusted by the smell. Once they catch a whiff of that strong mint, they’ll be heading in the other direction.

Many people find placing it in a diffuser and letting it permeate the home. It is good to note that animals and small children should not be exposed to large amounts of peppermint oil. Keep this in a safe spot and check with doctors and vets to be on the safe side.

Getting your home ready for this upcoming season is a wise way to prevent pests from infesting your home. Take the necessary precautions and enjoy this upcoming spring season with confidence, knowing your property and home are protected from pests.

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