Spring Pests: Most Common to Watch for in the MidWest

Bed BugWhen it comes to pests, spring is one of the most active times of year.  Most of the creatures that could harm you and cause damage to your possessions have been in hibernation for the duration of the winter, but they come out of dormancy as soon as it starts to get warmer. Here are some of the most common spring pests that can be found in the Midwest.

Cockroaches: These bugs you certainly know and most definitely do not love. It’s possible, though, that you don’t know that they start appearing with the first days of spring. They’re nocturnal and like spending time in damp places. Although they’re not dangerous per se, they can be carriers of certain types of bacteria you really don’t want spreading around your home.

Ants: Ants start resurfacing as soon as the weather gets more tolerable. And although they seem harmless, they’ve earned their place on the list of some of the most destructive spring pests. That’s mostly because they live in colonies, so whenever you see a few of them, chances are there are thousands more lurking around the corner. The feed off of and can ruin industrial materials that you count on to keep your home together. Dealing with them usually requires calling professional pest control.

Boxelder Bugs: Many of you might not know these creatures. Boxelder bugs can usually be found in gardens and backyards. They like making their nests around trees and feeding on the bark. Unfortunately, this typically results in those same trees getting damaged, and unhealthy trees mean unhealthy soil.

Ticks: These tiny creatures are among the most known parasites. Although they can be found all over the world, they’re very common in the American Midwest. The threat they pose to humans isn’t one that can be underestimated since their bites can cause a number of serious health issues including Limes disease. They are also very unsafe for your pets as well.

Moths: Some species of moths are considered house pests, such as those that feed on natural fibers and tend to damage your clothes. Others are considered agricultural pests since they feed on food sources grown by man. Regardless of their type, they can cause significant damage, especially when they’re not dealt with from the very beginning of the infestation. Unfortunately, getting rid of them usually involves calling professional pest control.

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