Stinging Insects are at Their Peak

As I was driving through my neighborhood last week, a young man mowing his lawn caught my eye. He was dressed in long black pants, a long sleeve button down shirt and a baseball cap. I looked at my car’s thermometer. It was nearly 90 degrees.

Wow. I thought to myself. He must be sweating bullets! Who would be wearing that outfit in this heat?!

Then I thought there has got to be a logical explanation for his attire. As a Chicago pest control specialist, the answer was clear. While my first thought was that he was protecting his skin from the sun, my second is that he was protecting himself from insects. Particularly bees, wasps and hornets. Stinging insects were at the top of their game this summer, and while summer may be on its way out, stinging insects certainly are not. In fact, we are in peak stinging insect season.

Hornets, honey bees, bumble bees, paper wasps and yellow jackets are all common stinging insects found in the Chicagoland area. To reduce your chances of stings, Aerex Pest Control suggests the following:

  • Wear pants and long sleeved shirts when gardening or working outdoors.
  • Avoid walking bear foot in the grass.
  • Take caution when eating/drinking outdoors. Cover up glasses or open bottles/cans.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, hairspray, lip gloss or other sweet smelling products when heading outdoors.
  • Wear dark colors. Bright colors attract stinging insects – especially if they have a floral pattern!
  • If a stinging insect is buzzing around your personal space, stay still! Swatting or running away will only provoke them.

One important message we send to all our of customers is to never attempt destroying a wasp, hornet or bee’s nest on your own. Disturbing a nest is extremely dangerous and should always be handled by a professional pest control company. Aerex technicians are familiar with the habits and characteristics of every pest we treat, and will devise a safe and effective plan for removal.

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