Stink Bugs: Variation on a Theme

stink bug controlStink bugs are known for the unfortunate stench they let out when threatened, and they seem to be easily found throughout the entire country. They can usually be identified by their shield-like shape — which has earned them their nickname, shield bug — but there is more than one type of stink bug. In fact, over 200 types of stink bugs can be found across the United States. They can be an intense nuisance, often requiring the assistance of a pest control professional to defeat. Below are some of the stink bugs you might find in the Chicago area.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

This species of stink bug can be identified by its mottled brown colors and the dark bands along the edge of its wings. Brown marmorated stink bugs can be found throughout the lower 48, though they are originally native to Asia. They often invade homes in the fall, looking for a safe place to spend the winter, and because they are attracted to light, can sometimes be found forming a mass grave out of a light fixture, which can cause a rather unpleasant scent.

Green Stink Bug

As its name suggests, this species of stink bug is similar in shape to the brown marmorated stink bug, but is instead a bright green. These insects are round and have bright white stripes when they are juvenile, but turn bright green as they age. They tend to prefer living near crops during the warm months, but try to find their way inside when the weather gets cold. This breed of stink bug has a particularly large stink gland, making them particularly offensive when threatened or killed.

Two-Spotted Stink Bug

The two-spotted stink bug is native to North America and can be found throughout the continent. Because this species of stink bug eats other produce pest bugs, farmers have been known to intentionally introduce them to their fields. However, they can reproduce quickly so this method of pest control is generally not recommended. This type of stink bug is usually yellow or red with stark black markings, most notably a ‘y’ shape in the center of the back and the two spots that earned its name high on the shoulders.

If you find any shield-shaped bugs buzzing around your home, chances are good some manner of stink bug has found its way inside. Because they can quickly pile up in numbers great enough to cause a literal stink, it is highly recommended to contact a pest control professional to deal with the problem before they grow in number.

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