Stink Bugs’ Winter Habits

stink bug controlWhen the weather starts to get colder and winter comes around, the stink bugs find a safe and warm place, which often ends up being indoors. Stink bugs are not fond of the cold weather, which is why they will come into Chicago homes.

Once indoors, they look for warm places to go into a type of hibernation. These places include attics, basements, under baseboards, and window moldings. The reason there can be so many stink bugs indoors is because once one finds a warm place, it releases a pheromone that will call the others to the warm space. This is a different pheromone that the stink bugs release when they feel threatened or when they are going on the defense.  

What is Diapause?

When the stink bugs go inside for winter, they go into a state called diapause. Diapause is when the stink bug metabolism slows down an extreme amount so they do not need to feed or be active. Stink bugs are able to do this because during the spring and summer months, they spend a lot of time eating. With all this stored up food, they are able to live through the winter with their slowed metabolism. Mostly it is fat that has been stored up in their energy reserves.

There is a very large interaction between how much the stink bug has stored up and how long the stink bugs’ diapause lasts. If the stink bugs do not store up enough during the summer time then they could wake up early and this would cause them to die because they have no way to get food during winter. A second way that the nutrients stored for diapause can have an affect on the stink bugs occurs when the stink bugs start to emerge for spring. If they still have enough nutrients left over, they will have more energy to keep going until they find the food they need.

Why You are Able to See Stink Bugs in Your Home During Winter

There are times when the Chicago winter will let up for a few days or maybe a week, and the sun will actually shine in the house. When this happens and you have stink bugs in your house, they will emerge prematurely because think it is the end of winter. The stink bugs will feel the warmth and attempts to resume their lives — while interrupting yours. They will come out and start to fly around your house. If this occurs, then call the pest control company. Pest control professionals will be able to exterminate the stink bugs flying around and they will also be able to search the rest of your home for any that may still be in diapause.

If you live in one of the many states that have stink bugs and a severe winter, it is best to be prepared for the potential of them coming into your home. In order to do this, check your home for any cracks, gaps, or holes. Also know in your house where the sun shines the most. This will give you an idea of where you will see stink bugs emerge if they think winter has ended because the sun is shining.

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