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mosquito control and the zika virusEspecially during mosquito season, these little buggers can be a real nuisance. Store-bought or natural repellents don’t always work and are only effective if there is no serious infestation. Apart from being annoying, mosquito bites can also be dangerous for health, since these pests can carry disease. Because of that, it is important to do your best to limit your exposure to these pests. Thanks to the many years of experience we have at Aerex and our extremely effective products, we can help you get rid mosquitoes in your yard in no time!

Mosquito Season

It is very important that you are aware of the fact that these pests don’t bite with the same consistency all year. In fact, there is a specific mosquito season when they are more active. This season begins in the Spring, when warm weather brings out the first of these pests. The summer time is when the season is at its peak, which is consistent with the time when we are usually more in our yard than in the fall and winter. When the temperature falls under 50 degrees, most mosquitoes go into hibernation.

Mosquito Control

There are a number of ways to get rid of the mosquitoes plaguing your yard. Here are some questions and answers pertaining to mosquito control.

Do electronic devices, zappers or bird houses work?

A lot of people try to get rid of mosquitoes using some of these methods – so do they work? Well, electronic repellers do not work. Bug zappers zap various other bugs apart from mosquitoes, which might even be a bad thing because this way you kill off beneficial insects in your yard. And finally, bat or bird houses do a bit to control mosquitoes, but both these animals usually prefer larger prey, so they won’t get rid of many mosquitoes.

Should I get professional mosquito control for my yard?

No professional service can guarantee the complete elimination of mosquitoes since some mosquitoes from your neighboring properties may not treat. Despite this, they can guarantee that the amount of mosquitoes in your yard will greatly reduce.

Should my neighbors cooperate?

For complete removal of mosquitoes, it would be best that your neighbors also get their properties serviced by a professional.

Why do mosquito control at all?

Reducing the population of mosquitoes in your yard doesn’t just get rid of a nuisance. Mosquito control gained popularity especially at the beginning of the century because it was then revealed that these pests can carry various viruses, some of which can be fatal to humans. By using pest control, diseases such as malaria and yellow fever have had a lesser presence.  Scientists estimate that more people have been killed vicariously by mosquitoes than by all the wars and natural disasters combined.

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