That puppy might be cute, but he’s got the flea itch. Crawling insects: Fleas

Fleas are one of the more common pest problems when cats or dogs are present or for new homeowners moving into previously infested homes and apartments. Not only are fleas a concern to pets for severe health reasons, but also to humans as they can cause unsightly allergic reactions and itching from bites. Fleas are also carriers of the tapeworm parasite.

Fleas need relatively high temperatures to survive but once they find a new home, they are hard to get rid of. Fleas can become established in carpets and bedding for months and lay dormant until outside temperatures drop and central heating in homes is turned on. Not only is it important to do regular checks of your pets, but it is also vital to maintain good housekeeping standards to ensure fleas don’t get too comfortable. Preventing fleas requires regular intervals of deep carpet, furnishing and bedding cleanings to ensure all flea eggs, larvae and adults are killed and can’t spread more.

Flea eggs are very easily spread through pets and fabrics and can multiply quite quickly if not taken control of immediately. Aerex offers a complete flea control solution to help exterminate fleas for good. Please refer to the resource center on our main page to find a flea preparation form to complete before Aerex comes to service.

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