The Importance of the Honeybee

bee on flower

The need for honeybee protection is more serious than ever. Many organizations are dedicated to preserving these endangered creatures by any means necessary. Some extermination companies have even deemed it unethical to eliminate honeybees from the home. Now, several pest control specialists use safer methods to relocate honeybees from one location to another.

The Importance of Pollination

This information leads individuals to wonder, why are honeybees so important? Why are so many companies going the extra mile to preserve their lives? The answer is simple: pollination.

Pollination involves transferring pollen from one flower to the next. When this occurs, the plants are able to grow, thrive and produce vegetation. In addition, without this process, the plant would be unable to produce long-lasting seeds. 

Honeybees play a major role in the pollination process. They bring pollen from one flower to the next. This not only expedites the reproductive process, but it also keeps the process going. Without honeybees available to pollinate the flowers and plants, we may experience a severe decrease in how vegetation thrives. 

Let’s put this into perspective. A vast majority of the food we eat comes from vegetation. If the honeybees aren’t around to pollinate the plants, we may experience a severe decrease in the amount of food we have available. Many vital items are made from the fibers derived from plants. It would be extremely difficult for companies to find the means to produce many mass goods without the help of honeybees. 

Beyond Spreading Pollen

In addition to pollinating necessary plants, honeybees produce the world’s greatest natural sweetener: honey! If the honeybees go extinct, so will the honey. Countless products that use honey may have to seek alternative options. 

Also, honey plays a major role in holistic healing. Several tests conducted in New Zealand found that honey has been proven to kill more than 250 types of bacteria. Their findings also suggested that individuals who incorporate honey into their diet could ward off cancer. 

The beauty industry relies heavily on the production of honey as well. Countless organic beauty products are derived from honey extracts. Should the honeybees go extinct and stop producing honey, the beauty industry would lose a major asset. 

Beeswax is another by-product of honey production. It’s used to create chapsticks, coat leather products and even prevent moisture from entering key areas of the home. Many companies utilize beeswax because it’s safe and non-toxic, unlike other sealants on the market. 

Save the Bees

In summation, bees play a vital role in making the world turn. Unfortunately, our habits as humans are slowly killing off this necessary species. One of the main contributing factors to their future extinction is the use of harmful pest control and pesticides. Countless companies use pesticides to protect their flowers and vegetation in their yard from harm. Unfortunately, this chemical is killing our bees. In addition, many individuals kill bees out of fear or convenience. If we all work together to preserve the lives of our honeybees, we’ll be saving our environment and everything that comes from it. 

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