The thousand leggers. Crawling Insects: Millipedes

Millipedes are worm-like animals with an elongated, brownish, segmented body with each segment supported by two pairs of legs. They vary in size from half to two inches in length and they have a tendency to coil up while resting. They generally live in damp outdoors, in areas with planting, in mulch or decaying leaves. In the dry season, they have a tendency to migrate indoors in large numbers. While they are not known to cause any harm to humans, their sheer presence inside the house becomes a nuisance. They don’t bite either. In fact, their presence in the gardens can be beneficial in eliminating other garden pests that destroy plants.

In order to get rid of millipedes, the moisture levels outside, in the lawns and backyards should be controlled. All leaf litter, grass clippings and wood debris should be cleared up regularly and mulching in the flower beds should be avoided. Water the lawns in the morning so that they get relatively dry by afternoon. Seal out all means of entry. Prevent entry into the building by caulking and sealing gaps in doors, windows, siding, pipe and wire openings, etc. The technicians at Aerex have expert knowledge and understanding of how millipedes behave and they will use this expertise to design a solution for your situation.

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