They’re here to creep you out in the dark. Crawling Insects: Spiders

Out of the many insects that arouse inherent fear in people, spiders stand at the top. Although most of the groups are harmless and have little or no medical importance, there are some that bite like the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spider. However, spiders are infamous mainly for how annoying they can be because of the webs they weave around the lighting, in the shed, barn and back yards. They have a tendency to take shelter in small, warm and dark places such as in the corners, eaves and air vents. While they occur in innumerable varieties, the most common ones that are a nuisance at home include the cellar spiders, common house spiders, wolf spiders and sac spiders.

Most homeowners try using spider repellents and traps in order to get rid of them but they don’t prove to be very effective. Aerex offers professional aid to deal with spiders with the help of state licensed and certified applicators who have an excellent understanding of the habits of the different species. With this knowledge, they will develop control programs to help you get rid of the spider infestation.

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