Those painful, sickening stings. Crawling Insects: Centipedes

Centipedes are pests with elongated, segmented bodies and are brownish in color. The difference between centipedes and millipedes is that the former have flattened bodies and a single pair of legs supporting each segment. Centipedes vary from one to six inches in length and they move with rapidity. These creatures bear no harm to human property and instead are beneficial because they eat spiders and other insects. However, they do cause annoyance indoors because of their tendency to bite for self defense. The front legs of the insect are used for this purpose and although they haven’t found to be fatal, the bites are venomous and they cause pain and swelling. People who are allergic to stings can get a bad deal with centipedes, including anaphylactic shock.

Centipedes take shelter in damp outdoors under leaf litter, stones, tree bark and in mulch surrounding planting areas. Pest problems with these creatures can be addressed with the reduction of outdoor habitats that allow them to thrive. Trash, compost piles and mulch around the house should be regularly removed and all gaps in the building walls, that could serve as entry points should be sealed. The Aerex technicians will be of great aid in dealing with centipedes with their expert knowledge in this field.

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