Tips for Crawling Insect Control

spider controlCrawling insects are usually easily recognized because they have a body that consists of three main parts: a thorax with multiple legs, an abdomen, and a head with eyes and a pair of antennae. Some insects have wings, which makes them even less attractive.

When we’re talking about crawling insects we’re thinking about ants, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, lice, silverfish, spiders, centipedes, ticks, and many other insects. All of these insects are searching for ways to get into your home, so it’s important to know how to prevent them and get rid of them.

Insects as Pests

Most crawling insects are considered pests, and there are many reasons why is that so.

  • The bites of some crawling insects can cause pain and swelling, especially if the person is allergic to that particular insect.
  • Insect bites can transmit a large number of serious diseases to humans and domestic animals.
  • Crawling insects can damage wooden structures and products as well as clothing and furniture.
  • Crawling insects can contaminate stored food products in homes and businesses.

How to Prevent Crawling Insects

If you want to survive the winter without crawling insects as your roommates, here are a few things you need to know about crawling insect control.

  • Just like humans, insects need food and water to survive. That’s why you should eliminate their food supply and do what you can to eliminate their favorite hiding spots.
  • Keep bugs out of your home entirely by sealing all up the cracks and gaps that can serve as possible entrance spots.
  • Thoroughly inspect the structure of your utility pipes as well as your cable wires and ensure there are no gaps around the places through which they enter your home.
  • During the summer, install window and door screens to keep the crawling insects away.
  • Repair all damaged screens and torn windows. The longer you put the repair off, there’s more chance of pests getting in.
  • Make it a habit to keep your house clean and free of clutter and other inviting hiding places for insects. Pay special attention to the kitchen and dining area.
  • Dispose of your garbage regularly and properly to keep the hungry insects away.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes. Some crawling insects like water and moist places.
  • Seal the areas around doors and windows. Remember crawling insects need only a tiny hole to enter your home.

How to Get Rid of Crawing Insects

There are many ways to get rid of just a few insects. If you notice them in time, you may be able to get rid of the problem on your own, but there’s always the chance of failure. Or you may only get rid of a small fraction of the total infestation. If you’ve got tons of crawling insects inside and around your home, you will need to call a pest control professional.

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