6 Tips for Wasp Control & Prevention

wasp controlWasps are most active during the spring and summer months. Prevention is key if you want to avoid problems with these pests. Don’t wait for them to invade your home and garden, perform proactive wasp control regularly – this way you can prevent an infestation. When an infestation happens, there isn’t much left to do but to call a professional to deal with this problem. Here are some useful tips for controlling and preventing wasps!

  1. Wasps nest where they can find a shelter, usually in a dark and dry place away from constant disruption. The first step to proper wasp control and the best line of defense is denying all access by sealing off all entry points. Check your house for unsealed vents, cracks around doors and windows, torn screens, and open dampers. Daily sightings of a wasp in your home may indicate that their nest is near, so observe their flight path since it can reveal the entry or exit point.
  2. Keep food sources, especially proteins and sugars, indoors, or keep them tightly covered. Wasps are especially attracted to sugary summer beverages, like lemonade and soda, so keep lids on them when outdoors. Don’t forget about your pet’s food. If you have a fruit tree in your garden make sure to regularly remove any fallen fruit rotting on the ground—wasps love to dine on these treats.
  3. Always seal garbage cans and cover compost piles. Wasps are hunters and they are going to do anything to find good sources of food.
  4. Awnings and loose siding on your home are very inviting places for wasps to nest. Be sure to seal up any loose pieces or gaps to keep wasps from making their way into your home.
  5. If you know you are going to spend time outdoors, wear darker colors. Wasps are attracted to bright colors. They are also attracted to sweet smells, so avoid using perfumes, colognes, or  hair sprays when spending time outside.
  6. Wasps can nest inside birdhouses, so regularly inspect them to be sure wasps haven’t taken up residence there. If they have, you might consider having the nest removed by a professional.

If you see wasps in large numbers on a regular basis, it is in your best interest to call a professional since there is probably an infestation going on. Wasps can be aggressive and sting repeatedly when they feel threatened, so they can be dangerous pests.

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