Top 10 Entry Points for Fall Pests

homeownersFall pests are no joke — as weather gets cooler, pests are looking for a way inside your warm home, and once they find a suitable environment, they can breed quickly. The best pest control is preventing an infestation ever occurring to begin with, which begins by blocking their way in. Below are some of the most common entry points pests find to sneak into your home.

Dryer Vents. Dryer vents are an important opening in your home, allowing hot air to escape from your clothes dryer, but if not maintained properly, it can provide an inlet to your home for all manner of pests, including larger animals such as mice, rats, snakes, or birds. Dryer vents should have a screen in place over them, and you should check to make sure the flaps open and close properly.

Exhaust Fans. Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans help remove fumes and humidity from our homes, but can also provide a way in for insects. Each one should have a screen or cover, and should be inspected regularly for damage, as rodents can work through openings of only ¼ inch, with insects needing a much smaller opening.

Incoming Utilities. Pipes and wires coming into your home are often accompanied by gaps around the opening that allows their entry. Expanding foam or caulk are both good options for sealing up these openings. Every time a technician or plumber works in your home, check where they worked for any new openings that may be opened.

Window and Door Frames. Window and door frames should be perfectly square with no gaps, but that is not always the case. Sweeps and weather stripping can help fill gaps, and window screens with holes should be replaced.

Siding. Gaps in the siding on your home can provide an entry point for pests like termites and some breeds of ants that would love to feast on your home. Repair any damaged siding as soon as possible.

Chimney Caps. Chimney caps are an important part of your home’s defense; without it, rats, insects, birds, bats, and even snakes may find their way into your home. Check your chimney cap seasonally and after any particularly windy storms.

Crawl Space. Check any openings to the crawl space under your home. Each opening should be covered in a door or screen to prevent the entry of any rodents.

Garage Doors. Many people leave their garage doors open for hours on end, not realizing that this can let any number of pests into their garage, which is often less pest-proof than the exterior of the home. Keep your garage door closed as much as possible to protect your home.

Gutters. Dirty gutters can attract any number of insects; some types of ant love to nest in the thick leaves, but the damp debris and built-up water can also provide sustenance for rats or cockroaches. Keep your gutters clear to prevent attracting these pests.

You. As impossible as it may seem, some pests find their way inside through you! Whether it’s a few fleas clinging to your ankles when you walk indoors or gnats being brought in with your produce, some pests just find their way inside with your everyday movements. Of course, this is next to impossible to avoid, making it important to develop an ongoing prevention plan with a pest control professional.

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