Top 5 Hidden Pests

carpenter antUninvited guests always seem to find a way into our homes. Bugs that creep, crawl, fly, and squirm will always find ways into the places we live. They come through the swinging doors. They find ways through the cracks in windows and walls. They sneak up through drain pipes, and they fester in our unfinished basements and attics. If it were not for regular pest control, these armies could take over our homes and our lives.

Fall is the season they begin to move into our homes in large numbers. These pests know that winter is coming and that their only chance for survival is to find a warm shelter with plenty of water and food to go around. Your house or apartment is a veritable paradise to them, and once they enter through that gate, they will have no intentions of leaving. Ever.

In fact, their next goal will be to start a family of approximately 500,000 children within the few weeks they are there. To make things worse for you, they will find hiding places to keep these eggs so you will not see them until the swarm has hatched and headed for your pantry. In this article, we discuss some of the hardest pests to detect in your home.

Here is a list of Pest Control’s Top 5 Most Wanted
1. Termites
Termites are the demolition workers of the world of pests. They can literally bring your house down on your head. Termites hide in your walls and floors, digging tiny tunnels, under your radar, until the damage grows extensive enough to require major repairs.

2. Carpenter Ant
Contrary to the impression of their name, carpenter ants do not treat your home well. Instead, they deconstruct it and use the wood shavings to build their own colonies. Like termites, they are often hard to detect pests to find until it is too late.

3. Grain Beetle
Grain Beetles are tiny beetles (3-4mm long) that eat grain. They love to nest in pantries and feast on your dry goods. They are common in homes, but also in grocery stores so you may bring them home unintentionally the next time you go out to restock your pantry.

4. Fleas
These blood-sucking, hard to detect pests of the bug world are tiny harbingers of itching, scratching, and sometimes disease. They typically attack hairy animals first, such as your own pet cats and dogs, and also your unwelcome rats or mice. Once fleas get in, they begin laying eggs immediately in any crack they can find, and these eggs hatch in just two days. Once you have noticed the bites on your own arms and legs, there are probably hundreds or thousands of them all over your household.

5. Bed Bugs
The only thing more frustrating than fleas are bed bugs. These creatures are so small that they are almost impossible to find. It is much easier looking for signs of bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are difficult to find and nearly impossible to get rid of altogether. If you notice signs of bed bugs, call a professional exterminator immediately so you can get the help you need to get rid of them quickly, without wasting money for months on a war you cannot win.

If you notice signs of any of these hard to detect pests, contact your local pest control immediately so you can get them out of your house, and prevent them from spreading further.

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