Top 5 Summer Pests

Ready for summer? We think we can guess the answer! Although summer has been long awaited after a lengthy winter, there are a handful of summer pests we need to pay special attention to.

Ants: Ants are a major concern for many people all over the country. They are also one of the most common pests seen inside the home. Ants are tiny – and can make their way inside through even the tiniest of cracks. They leave an invisible pheromone path behind them for other ants to follow which is why ants can quickly become a large problem. Protect your home from ants by cleaning up spilled food and drinks immediately and by keeping food in air tight containers.

Spiders: Spiders tend to show up in and around  the house throughout most of the year. As the weather gets warmer, you will notice even more. Luckily, most spiders are harmless. In fact, they are actually beneficial when it comes to treating other pests! Spiders feed on common household pests like roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes and flies. They will also help keep unwanted insects out of your garden. Even though spiders can be helpful, they can become bothersome and pose a potential threat to us if bitten. Contact Aerex Pest Control if you notice spiders (of any kind) becoming a problem in your home, and refer to our spider article to help with spider identification.

Bees/Wasps: As soon as that warm weather hits, bees and wasps can be seen buzzing about your garden. If you’re anything like the staff at Aerex Pest Control, you may have already had to deal with a few making their way into your home! If not careful, these stinging insects can cause potential dangers to us and our pets. While bees can only sting once before dying, do not assume the same about wasps. Wasps can sting multiple times and are quite aggressive once disturbed.

Fact: Did you know? Over 5 percent of the American population endure severe reactions to stings. For this reason, it is never okay to try to get rid of bees or wasps on your own. Always call a professional pest control company like Aerex!

Bed Bugs: We’ve covered many bed bug topics . At this point you might be wondering, “is there ever a time that I don’t need to worry about bed bugs?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Bed bugs can be a problem at any time of the year, especially during travel. Speaking of travel, that is precisely why we remind customers of bed bugs during the summer. Many of us travel, visit family and friends or spend weekends at the lake house. Always remember to inspect rooms thoroughly before settling in. It’s extremely easy to unknowingly bring bed bugs home in your luggage!

Don’t let pests put a damper on your summer. Contact Aerex for professional pest control services in Chicago.

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