Warm Winter Woes: Insect Infestations

ant controlWhile warmer winters can be a relief for many who dread the cold winter months, it can also be a boon for many pests too. Harsh winters are great for cutting down pest numbers, as the colder it gets the less likely hibernating nasties are able to survive and re-emerge come spring. However, milder winters mean that most hibernating bugs will survive, increasing the risk of infestation in warmer months. 

When a mild winter strikes you’ll need to make sure your pest control preparations are on point, which is why we’ve listed some of the top steps to take to stop your home becoming a bug motel when the weather becomes warm!  

What does a Milder Winter Mean for Pest Control?

A mild winter changes the playing field dramatically when it comes to pest control. Here are some of the changes that can catch you off guard:


  • Waking Up Early: A mild winter means that most pests will wake from their hibernation much earlier than usual. During their hibernation, bugs and rodents need to surface from time to time for food, which most commonly occurs on warm days. So if you spot a bug or two during winter, then keep an eye out for infestation only to notice nothing of the sort, then you may be dealing with a dormant threat waiting to pounce. 
  • Increased Rate of Survival: The milder the conditions, the more likely pests are to survive the winter. Harsh winters do wonders for culling swathes of hibernating creatures, while a warm winter will do nought but sustain their numbers.
  • Quicker Growth Cycle: Warm weather means that pests are able to grow faster. The more heat and food a bug has, the faster it will move through its life cycle stages. This can mean that infestations take hold far quicker than they would in a year with a cold winter.


Pest Prevention
In the event of a mild winter, it is important to ensure that your pest control methods are up to scratch before the onslaught of creepy crawlies comes. The following tips can help ensure your home remains pest free:

  1. Use the cold months cooped up inside to declutter. Clear out your basement, attic, or garage of unnecessary clutter. Clutter is the perfect location for pests to hang out, so limiting the mess is a great way to keep pests at bay.
  2. Store firewood away from your home to prevent creating a stepping stone for bugs to enter your home.
  3. Repair and replace your foundation and windows. Lost mortar and weather stripping can allow critters easy entry.
  4. Rid your home of all moisture. Repair leaking plumbing and reduce dampness in kitchens and bathrooms.

While mild winters can be great if you don’t like the cold, remember that it also benefits pests too. Don’t rest on your laurels during a clement winter as this is the time when you need to become more vigilant than ever in regards to pest control. 

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