Watch Out for Boxelder Bugs this Fall

Calls for boxelder bugs clog the phone lines at Aerex Pest Control every year. Being a pest that is known for making its presence known as summer transitions to fall, now is the perfect time to reeducate our customers on their habits and prevention. As August comes to an end and the fall months roll in, keep on the lookout for boxelder bugs in and around your home or office!

The first thing to remember about boxelder bugs is that they are not harmful to humans. Unlike other pests such as spiders, ants and bees/wasps, boxelder bugs do not bite and are essentially harmless to properties.

The bad thing about boxelder bugs? When they enter a home or commercial building, they make a grand entrance – and in large numbers. This is what makes them such a nuisance and is the reason Aerex receives so many phone calls about these critters each year.

Whether harmless or not, no one wants an abundance of insects of any kind invading their home or office. Here are a few precautions to take for preventing the takeover of boxelder bugs this fall.

For the Home/Office: 

  • Repair damaged windows or door screens
  • Repair/Replace damaged screens in soffit vents, and bathroom/kitchen fans
  • Seal all areas where utility wires, phone lines, pipes and outdoor facets enter the home or building
  • Install a rubber seal along the bottom of your garage doors, and door sweeps to entry doors

If you see one (or 10) boxelder bugs, chances are there are many, many more nearby. Additionally, boxelder bugs like to congregate around warm and sunny areas. If you notice an abundance of boxelder bugs inside or outside your home or office, call Aerex. You may be able to control them on your own for a little while, but without the help of the professional technicians at Aerex, it may only be a temporary fix. Contact us today for help/information with boxelder bugs or other pests.

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