What’s that Smell? Stink Bugs!

When you hear the words “stink bug,” chances are you hope they stay far, far away from your home. While the truth is that stink bugs are extremely prevalent in and around Chicago, they typically remain outdoors and rarely become a problem indoors. That being said, Aerex Pest Control still wants their customers to be aware of this interesting insect and what to do if they do become present in your work or living space.

Identification & Habits:
If you’ve ever seen a stink bug, you know they are interesting looking creatures. You also know they are distinctive from other bugs you will see around the home like ladybugs or boxelders. Most stink bugs have a characteristic shield shape. They have piercing sucking mouthparts and a straight antennae. In the nymph stages, stink bugs are yellow and red with red eyes. As they mature they become brownish in color.

Stink bugs are typically pests of fruit and vegetables. Apples, peaches, blackberries, corn, lima beans, soybeans and tomatoes are some of their favorite feeding choices. Why, then, do we find them in and around our homes? Like other pests, stink bugs seek out shelter for the winter and will hide inside the walls or crawl spaces. As spring approaches stink bugs become active once again, appearing in our living space.

The Odor:
As the name states, stink bugs do, in fact, stink. This coupled with the fact that they are a little larger than the average insect makes them especially unpleasant. Stink bugs release an unpleasant odor when they are threatened, presumably to fend off predators. Beware! While a tiny being, stink bugs can actually spray their stink several inches. Some people find that vacuuming the stink bugs helps, but the odor might stick around inside the vacuum for a couple of weeks.

How to prevent stink bugs:
Aerex Pest Control specializes in preventative methods to secure homes and buildings from many pests, including stink bugs. Ask us about our exterior ground spray, a spring-based service that will keep pests out of your home or office. Doing our exterior ground spray will help reduce the presence of stink bugs, especially homes in wooded areas that are more prone to infestations. Call us today! We start exterior ground sprays towards the beginning of May.

When faced with stink bug invasions (again, rare!), the pest professionals at Aerex Pest Control can develop a pest control strategy and select the most effective next steps.

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