What’s that annoying noise that keeps me up all night! Crawling Insects: Crickets

These are nocturnal creatures that are similar to grasshoppers in appearance. During the day, they generally hide in dark places such as in bushes, under trees and stones, and sometimes even beneath plants and in the dirt. They start gaining activity once the sun starts setting. While crickets are medically harmless to humans, they can be very annoying because of their constant monotonous chirping all night that can ruinous for light sleepers. They are also known to cause great damage to clothing, paper products and even some foods. While they do not pose any serious issue when present as individuals, large populations could congregate at night and be a nightmare.

The best way of getting rid of crickets is to maintain the sanitation levels in the house. Get rid of dark, moist corners and get rid of any rotting wood, brick and stone piles or any other debris that act as harbor sites for these creatures. Ensure that all cracks on the ground and basement levels are well caulked and sealed to provide any doorways for entry of crickets. The Aerex technicians will be able to use their professional knowledge about these pests and help you get rid of them with their well-designed programs.

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