Where’d those ugly stains on the walls come from? Crawling Insects: Boxelder Bugs

The insect that Aerex has received one of the most calls about this summer has been boxelder bugs. While they are essentially harmless to humans, boxelder bugs are considered as pests mainly because of their entry into buildings in large numbers. They do not cause any harm to property or bite people but they do cause stains on curtains, walls and other such surfaces due to their excreta. They generally seek shelter in high-moisture areas, around houseplants, and are known to feed on them, although only in rare cases.

The best way to manage boxelder bugs is to altogether prevent their entry into your home. Ensure that all damaged door and window screens are replaced. If your kitchen and bathroom fans and soffit and roof vents are damaged, repair or replace them. Seal all cracks and crevices and points where utility pipes and wires such as the phone lines, cable TV wires, dryer vents, outdoor faucets, etc. enter the building. If your house has been designed with vinyl sidings for the purpose of better durability and aesthetics, you will have a bad deal with such pests as these sidings come with numerous gaps that become entry points for them. If you think you need professional aid to get rid of boxelder bugs, you can take aid of Aerex technicians who will perform a spray on the exterior foundation as well as high onto all walls of the house.

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