Why Bed Bugs are So Hard to Kill

homeownersBed bugs infest homes, hotels, and commercial buildings worldwide. These pests don’t care if your house is clean or dirty. They feed on human and animal blood, and as long as they have food sources they’re going to live happily under your roof. To infest your home, they’ve got to hitch a ride inside on a carrier, so you can’t exactly prevent them like other pests. They may even infest some public places like theaters or cinema which means you can easily take them home with you after a nice night out. Bed bugs are hard to kill, and here’s why!

  • These small and flat pests can easily squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. It’s not an easy task to find them all, so it’s not quite possible to eliminate them entirely. They can even squeeze behind loose wallpaper or under wooden floors.
  • Another scary thing about bed bugs is that they reproduce really quickly. A female can lay more than 500 eggs during her life. Her offspring can reproduce within a few months. Bed bugs can produce up to four generations in one year. But, this highly depends on the conditions like temperature and humidity.
  • These pests can survive for a long without feeding. Scientists have confirmed that an adult bed bug may live more than 500 days without feeding while nymphs can survive for a couple of months.
  • They’ve developed resistance to some types of chemicals because their inner biology has evolved to adapt human environments. Some scientists joke how bed bugs are basically fossils that have adopted some new skills to survive.
  • Bed bugs can consume a lot of blood. The scientists have found that bed bug bite contains both anesthetic and anticoagulants that act to stop you from noticing you’ve been bitten.

So, how are you supposed to kill them?

There is still hope in this situation. Bed bugs aren’t resistant to all chemicals. However, it’s important to use the right ones when you’re trying to get rid an infestation. It is confirmed that they are resistant to two types of chemicals pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. But these are not the only two types they’re immune to, so to get rid of them properly you should call your pest controller. Trained professionals have experience with bed bug infestations and they know what chemicals the right one to kill these pests. Sometimes it takes weeks to kill bed bugs, especially if there’s a heavy infestation. Your pest controller will likely conduct multiple treatments before they’re exterminated completely. For best results, don’t try to do it yourself methods because they won’t kill these persistent pests. If you don’t want to throw away every single piece of furniture you own, you should call a professional to kill these pests.

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