Why’s the furniture getting weaker day by day! Crawling Insects: Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are known to live in colonies in nests that are established in multiple locations, both outside and inside home. These nests are of two types, the satellite colonies where the workers are housed and the parent colonies where the queen lives with the larva. The amount of damage caused by carpenter ants depends on the number of nests that have been established in the structure and the period of active infestation. While the larger colonies have the potential to bring about structural damage, these ants aren’t as dangerous as termites.

Since carpenter ants are attracted to moisture, the best way to avoid an infestation is eliminate such conditions. If there is any wood damaged by water, replace it. Make sure that any stored lumber or wood is perfectly dry and is subject to good air circulation. Also, ensure that all the shrubs and trees within your premises are pruned regularly so that any path for them to crawl into your house can be eliminated. With the professional assistance provided by Aerex, the habits of these crawling insects can be understood and programs for their elimination can be developed with the aid of their licensed and state certified professional applicators.

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