Winter Cold and Pests

Brrrrrrr. Feel that? It’s the wrath of Mother Nature in Chicago. It’s no secret that the Midwest has endured some terribly cold days this winter along with a considerable amount of snow. So why are we still finding Boxelder Bugs on our walls and spiders in the bathroom? As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the cold weather doesn’t necessarily equate to less pests.

Insects are wired to escape the cold by migrating, finding shelter in homes and offices or burrowing themselves deep into the soil. Once an insect finds shelter indoors, they will live on as long as food and warmth is provided. If you’ve been asking yourself why those pesky boxelders have been hanging around since September, the answer is that your home is the better option over venturing out into the bitter cold. And let’s be honest, finding a couple bugs here and there sure beats the massive swarms we see in the fall.

The news isn’t all bad. In general, bugs don’t like cold weather. And a frigid season like this can only hurt insect populations. So what does that mean for the upcoming spring and summer months? Only time will tell. Typically, cold winters such as this result in less insects than milder winters. But really – what would summer be without all those bugs to complain about (or enjoy if you’re into that sort of thing)?

Aerex Pest Control is available to offer Chicagoland pest control services year round. If you’re experiencing a pest issue to any degree, contact us and our pest specialists will tackle the problem. For now, do your best to ignore those harmless boxelder bugs (and take a deep breath when you encounter a spider) and enjoy living with less pests – for the time being, that is.

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