Winter Pest Control: What to Watch Out For

mouse trapIf you think that all of your pest problems will end up as the winter approaches, that’s not necessarily the case. As the cold begins to move in, some winter pests might try to make their way in too as they will be looking for a warm place to survive the upcoming winter. When pests enter homes to overwinter during the fall, they can often go unnoticed. A proper pest control is the only way to prevent them, so here are some things you should know about winter pest control.

Common fall and winter pests:

The most common winter pests include mice, rats, bed bugs, spiders, moths, carpet beetles, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies.

  • Rodents are usually the most common winter pests. These pests are incredibly crafty when it comes to finding their way inside so any crack or a hole larger than a quarter of an inch is a potential entry point. Rats and mice seek meals in pantries, kitchens, and storage area so you should be careful when storing your food. These pests can transmit various diseases, that are especially dangerous for children so you should do a proper winter pest control in order to prevent them.
  • Bed bugs are usually found in your mattresses, furniture, towels, and clothing. These pests spread really fast, and they can easily go unnoticed until it’s too late for prevention methods.
  • Cockroaches can be seen in your home all throughout the winter season. They often like dark and moist environments. These pests bring many viruses and diseases and they’re extremely hard to get rid of.
  • Boxelder bugs will group together on warm and sunny sides of homes. They migrate indoors over winter, usually in large numbers.  They can also stain your walls and furniture, so it’s important to prevent them.

How to keep your home pest free this season…

It’s the time to protect your home and set up lines of defense to keep the unwanted guests away.

  • Search for holes and gaps throughout your property. You should also look behind furniture, in the cabinets, around windows and doors, and in the corners for any possible pest entryways. All holes and gaps should be sealed with caulk. 
  • Keep your kitchen clean and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • To prevent rodents, cockroaches, and moths, store your food in containers with a strong lid.
  • Inspect all suspicious items like boxes or bags before bringing them indoors.
  • Make sure to clean your gutters before it gets too cold outside.

Check for leaks, especially in bathrooms and basements. Moisture will attract a variety of pests.Proudly serving the greater Chicagoland area in Illinois and southeast Wisconsin, the professional exterminators at Aerex Pest Control understand the habits of different pests and use that knowledge when developing a pest control program that is best suited to your home and your particular problem. Our technicians are professional, state certified, licensed applicators. Call today for your free consultation 847-255-8888 or click here for a free quick quote.

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