Winter Pest Prevention

Do you need pest control services in the winter? Yes, you do. In fact, winter pest services can be the most valuable visit from you pest control professional all year long! Although we may be in the middle of January, many insects and related pests can be troublesome to homeowners.

Let us explain. Aerex Pest Control views winter as a time to focus our inspections and treatments on the inside of our customer’s homes. Winter pest inspections are a great way to identify potential issues homeowners probably weren’t aware of and help prevent other pest problems before they start.

Pests are looking for a warm place just like we are. So before you snub the idea of a winter pest inspection, consider these benefits!

A sole focus on the home’s interior ensures a safe & pest free environment
We think it’s safe to say that winter equates to time indoors. That is why Aerex Pest Control focuses their winter pest inspections on the inside of the home. Limiting the inspection to just the interior reassures our customers that the home is 100% safe and pest free. With less foliage (trees, shrubs, bushes, etc) to worry about, we can focus our efforts where it matters most.

Identify & prevent pest problems before they start
When we ask customers if they have any unsealed cracks, crevices or windows they normally say no. Later, they are surprised to find out that they do – which is basically an open invitation for a pest problem down the line. A winter pest inspection helps us identify these issues and fix them before they turn into a pest invasion.

A winter inspection prevents spring invasions
Many pests remain dormant in inconspicuous places throughout winter and make their way back out come springtime. Attics, basements and garages are some of their favorite hiding spaces. When Aerex Pest Control inspects these areas for pests, we are removing the pests before they have a chance to make it to spring.

A winter inspection gets your home ready for spring
Remember those cracks and crevices we mentioned above? When Aerex Pest Control discovers these problems, we’re giving you the power to prevent spring pest invasions. Taking care of the problem before it worsens is the most effective way to prevent pests.

Winter pest inspections are a crucial part of protecting your home and keeping it pest free all year long. Contact Aerex today to schedule yours!

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