Winter Pests

There’s no doubt summer is the prime season for pests. Insects are abundant, and flies and mosquitos buzz freely in your home through open doors and windows. Rodents, including rats and mice, roam around lawns, streets and fields. In turn, Aerex Pest Control receives hundreds – thousands – of calls between May and September.

Although we see the majority of pest problems during summer, pests aren’t completely inactive in winter. In fact, the chill, cold and snow actually make pests even more likely to seek the warmth and shelter of homes and offices. So which pests should we be aware of this winter?

Aerex Pest Control breaks it down for you:

Flies: All homeowners or office workers expect to swat away a few flies in their time. But you might not think you have to worry about that during winter. However, certain types of flies make their presence known long after summer is over. Whether winter, summer, spring or fall, if food is out and doors and windows are being opened, flies are bound to come in.

Mice/Rats: Yuck. Rodents just give off the stigma of uncleanliness. But just because you experience a mouse or rat infestation doesn’t mean you’re living in filth. Just like many insects, rodents enter homes and offices in search of shelter and warmth. They can be prevented by sealing cracks and keeping food put away and in airtight containers.

Bed Bugs: As we’ve said before, there is really no specific “bed bug season.” We should be aware of them at all times, especially when we are traveling. We encourage all customers to refer to our previous bed bug article to learn more about how to prevent and control these critters! As always, the best and only way to get rid of bed bugs completely is to contact Aerex.

Spiders: You wish this one would just go away, don’t you? With over 35,000 known spider species in the world, only about 3,500 of them are seen in the United States. In terms of Chicagoland Pest Control Services, we only need to worry about a few. While most spiders we see around Chicago are harmless to humans, they are definitely still a nuisance.

Didn’t think you had to worry about pests in winter, did you? We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but we also have good news! Aerex Pest Control js a leader in Chicagoland Pest Control Services. Whether you’re located right in the city, the North Shore or Northwest suburbs, Aerex can save the day for residential and commercial pest control solutions.

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