You think only you eat your food? Crawling Insects: Grain Beetles

Grain beetles are about 1/10th of an inch in length and have a reddish-brown, somewhat flattened body with six projections that look like saw-tooth on either side. As the name rightly suggests, these insects are regarded as pests mainly because they feed on stored food, especially grains. They infest almost everything you keep in the pantry. Grain beetles can chew into unopened cardboard boxes by making their way through the plastic and cellophane wrapping the packages. Once they reach inside, rapid multiplication continues to devour all the stored food and debris that accumulates in the corners, crevices and cracks. While they don’t cause any direct damage to humans or destroy property, they consume and contaminate food.

It is advisable to determine the freshness of the grains by checking the packaging date while buying them. Avoid bringing any old products and those with damaged or broken boxes or packages. While it is cheaper to buy all your groceries at once, it is best to buy them in small quantities so as to avoid infestation by grain beetles. With the expert knowledge of the habits of these nasty insects, Aerex will be able to come up with the best control program to help you get rid of them.

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