Your Pest Questions…Answered!

Pest life is all about survival. They search for food, water and shelter from the elements. For this simple reason, many homeowners are in need of pest control services. But just how to do they get inside? Where will they go once they get there? What can we do to prevent them from invading our homes in the first place? As a leader in Chicago Pest Control Services, we’re here to answer just that!

Why is my home attractive to pests?
Your home is warm. Your home has food. Your home has shelter. Just like humans, pests seek the elements that will ensure their survival. As long as these things exist, pests are more likely to be present.

How do pests get into my home?
You may be surprised at how easily pests enter homes. Cracks and crevices, doors, chimneys, holes, windows…all of these things are entryways for pests. Bringing firewood inside your home from outside is another easy invitation for pests. Remember – pests can fit through even the tiniest of openings. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime!

Where are pests most likely to settle down?
Different pests have different preferences. While spiders enjoy cool, dark places, boxelder bugs prefer warmth and light. The most common places you will find pests (whether it be rodents or bugs) are basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. Do your best to keep these areas dry and free of clutter.

How do I prevent pests from entering my home?
Exclusion techniques along with removing sources of food and water will help prevent pests. Some common best practices of pest prevention are:

  • Keep food in sealed containers (avoid possible contamination!)
  • Clean up immediately after each meal or after cooking (pests love left behind crumbs!)
  • Fix any leaking pipes or drains to avoid moisture
  • Keep bushes and hedges trimmed
  • Trim any branches hanging over or near your home
  • Seal cracks and crevices around the home

Are pests harmful to my health?
In most cases, no, pests are not harmful to your health. That doesn’t mean they won’t leave traces of their presence in forms of bites or rashes. Bed Bugs in particular will leave bites on humans. Certain spiders may also cause bug bites to appear. As mentioned, keeping food in air tight containers to avoid contamination will lessen the likelihood of being harmed by pests.

What should I do if I have an infestation?
Call Aerex Pest Control. Using pest prevention tactics doesn’t always keep us pest-free. Contact us for safe and effective pest control services. We’re trained in pest control best practices and will create a plan that safely removes pests from your home. If you have a question on how to pest-proof your home, Aerex Pest Control is just a phone call away!

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